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How We Build
WE BUILD our houses in a "climate controlled" environment. Our materials never get wet, and our construction isn't delayed because of inclement weather. WE BUILD our houses with precision. The floor, walls, and roof are all built on tables with "squaring indexes". Components, such as trusses are built in "pattern jigs". Precision is required to ensure that each section of a multi-selection home matches the other. WE BUILD our houses strong. Our trusses are built with "gang nail plates" - NOT common nails. A combination of "steel straps" and "composite cladding" provide SOLID roof wall to floor connections. Our houses are built STRONG to withstand the rigors of transportation Because of that STRENGTH , our customers end up with a home that withstands the rigors of time.
How TO Buy
Call us! Let us schedule you an appointment to design your new home! We can provide a variety of floor plans for you to choose from OR you can customize your own design! We have lenders available for financing or you are welcome to use the lender of your choice or pay for your home in full. We will discuss your site preparation and assist you with the steps you will take going forward once you are ready to begin your home buying process. Homes are generally built in 6-10 weeks, depending on schedule. We can also arrange delivery, factory trim out, all foundation work, heat pump, skirting, brick work, steps, if needed. Once the home is delivered and trimmed out, our crew provides a full walk through of the home with you and all questions and issues are addressed at that time. We assure you that you will not be disappointed with your new FRANKLIN HOME!
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A Franklin Home
Our skilled tradesmen hand-craft precision and lasting quality into every home we produce. Their pride in workmanship, combined with stringent quality control measures throughout the entire building process, assure our customers of the finest homes they will find anywhere.

So whether you are planning a starter home, move-up home, weekend getaway or retirement retreat, you can rest assured that the entire Franklin team is committed to your long-term satisfaction and pleasure. Our homes are backed with a full one year warranty and a 10 year structural warranty, ensuring your peace of mind for years to come.


  1. 1. Secure the location where your home will be
  2. 2. Choose a Home/Customize a Floor plan/Design your Floor Plan
  3. 3. Arrange financing, permits needed, and site preparation
  4. 4. Order your Home
  5. 5. Installation of Your Home


To Buy A Franklin Home
2x4 Roof Trusses Standard on All Homes - 24" O/C (16" O/C Optional)
8-1/2' Sidewalls on All Homes (9' Optional)
7/16" Interior OSB Wrap on ALL Window, Door, and Marriage Wall Openings
2x6 Sidewalls Standard on All Homes (16" O/C)
Standard w/ Legacy Custom Residential Cabinets - Quincy Shaker Oak Standard (Painted Maple Optional)
ALL Floorplans are Available as MOD or HUD
All Homes are Pre-Aligned/Tested at the Factory to Ensure Efficient Setup in the Field, Proper Airflow of Duct System, Polarity of Electrical System, and Water System Checked for Leaks Prior to Shipment
LG Upgrade Appliance Package Standard - Stainless Steel Side-By-Side Refrigerator, Smooth-Top Range, Microwave/Vent-Hood, and Dishwasher
Hi-Definition Formica Standard T/O Home (Granite, Cultured Marple, Hand-laid Ceramic Optional - Floors, Edging, Showers, Shower Bases, Wallsplashes)


ConstructionStandard Features
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Due to continuous product improvement, specifications and finish options are subject to change without notice. The square footage and other dimensions are approximate. Renderings are often shown with optional features and upgrades that can be added at additional cost. Please contact your local Franklin dealer for full details regarding exterior and interior options and pricing.

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2 - 10 home buyers warranty